Suzie Stach
   A native Texan, Suzie has lived most of her life in California.  She was an art major in College
and pursued a career in interior design for fifteen years.  Once her children were grown and on
their own she began to paint full time.  Suzie works mainly in pastel, but has painted in oil, and
watercolor.  She strives to put the viewer into her paintings, by evoking a memory, an experience,
or just the beauty of a day.  Her subject matter varies greatly, which may be inspired by an
interesting shadow, or even a fleeting thought.  Whatever the source, being able to transform it
onto a piece of paper brings her great satisfaction.  “I love sharing my enthusiasm for a subject.  I
just hope the viewer feels as much joy in viewing my work as I had in creating it.”

   Suzie is a nationally recognized painter of firefighting scenes.  Two of her paintings have graced
the cover of “Wildfire Magazine”, an international trade magazine, another on the cover of a
national firefighter bookstore catalog and recently she was featured in Supply Cache "After the
Fire" catalog.  Her painting of the 911 disaster in New York was the program cover for a memorial
service at Pelco Inc. in Clovis, CA.  She sells her prints off of her web site to fire
personnel throughout the United States.

   Her paintings have won many awards, and hang in private collections as well as public buildings.  
She does workshops and demonstrations for art groups.  Loves Plein Aire painting, and exhibits her
work at the Door Gallery in Fresno, CA as well as at the Art Hub Gallery.  The Circle Gallery in
Madera, CA., and at her studio in Fresno.  

   She is the past president of the Society of Western Artists (SWA), and past membership
chairperson of the Alliance of California Artists (ACA).  Suzie is a signature member of both groups.